Geospatial Imagery & Data Capture


AeroSpatial’s Geographic Information Systems or GIS, utilizes high-resolution accurately-georeferenced imagery and data to suit a range of applications. From 3D terrain DSM’s, DTM’s and orthophoto mosaics to customised spatial data capture for asset management, engineering, inspection, aerial mapping and environmental monitoring.

DTM, DSM and Orthophotos

Our Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DSM) and Orthophoto products are produced using advanced photogrammetric software as part of our GIS technique. The aerial mapping imagery is captured using a high-resolution DSLR camera with fixed lens mounted on a 3-axis gyroscopically-stabilised gimbal.

The process involves:

  • Planning the flight for the best results taking into consideration flight height, direction, photo-overlap, placement of ground control, air-space restrictions and other environmental factors.
  • Collecting survey-accurate ground control and quality assurance points across the area of interest using RTK or long occupation GPS.
  • Flying the planned mission.
  • Processing the imagery and deriving the photogrammetric products.

AeroSpatial can also deliver secondary products and derivatives from the photogrammetric process including:

  • Height profiles and cross-sections
  • Surface differences and comparisons
  • Changes in surface over time
  • Contours
  • Cut, fill and volume measurements

Aerial Data Capture

Using live or recorded video feed we can help tailor digital data collection workflows to suit a range of industries including:

  • Asset Management and inventory
  • Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Surveillance

Our digital field data capture expertise includes the development of streamlined digital data collection forms. Our Geographic Information Systems enables georeferenced data using the on-board UAV GPS stored in ESRI shapefile or geodatabase format. Our team can also convert captured data into a variety of CAD or tabular formats.