Aerial Videography


AeroSpatial has a special team of professional pilots and operators for your UAV Survey also commonly known as Aerial Survey.

AeroSpatial captures high-resolution video from a 3-axis, gyroscopically stabilised gimbal. Utilising the Sony HDR-PJ790V, we will work with you to tailor a video capture flight plan that ensures satisfied coverage of your event, object or region.

Through the use of our Sony PJ790 video camera for our UAV Survey, AeroSpatial offers cinema quality video services suitable for film and television anywhere in Australia. AeroSpatial uses the latest Cinestar 3 axis stabilising gimbal and GPS which ensures brilliant stability in a range of weather conditions and the capability to zoom and focus while in flight. AeroSpatial offers both motion and hover based video packages to suit your needs. AeroSpatial can arrange live viewing of the video capture to ensure we capture the perfect shot for you.

During the consultation and planning phase our team will work with you to ensure we understand your site requirements for your aerial survey. At the conclusion of filming we offer the raw delivery of digital video to you, or can work with you through our preferred video editing partner to develop the perfect video package.

Our video services include, but are not limited to:

  • Major Events
  • Films / Documentaries
  • Television Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Property Development
  • Weddings / Special Occasions
  • Marketing
  • Sporting Events